Contact Information:

Jade Moede

( Last Name Pronounced Maydee )

508- 838 - 4332


Artist’s Statement

To paint a time in space that stands still.
A melody of a vision of a
n interpretation.
The painting becomes a passage that plays on.

About The Artist

Jade Moede (pronounced Maydee) is an award-winning artist currently living in Cotuit, MA. His painting "Rabbit Sink" won first place in the Still Life Category for the "Artists Magazine 2007 Art Competition" and is featured in their December 2007 issue. "Life’s Choices" won second place in the Animal Art Category for the "Artists Magazine 2002 Art Competition" and was featured in their December 2002 issue. He is also the recipient of the DaVinci Paint award presented by the Rutherford Art Association. Among his exhibitions was a one-person show titled "STILL Jade" at the Kortman Gallery, IL. He has shown his work at the Art Students Showcase gallery, NY and the Manhattan Arts International gallery, NY.

Jade’s paintings are held in many private collections throughout the U.S. and he has been commissioned to create a range of paintings and drawings of still life, landscapes, and portraits including those of animals.

The artist studied painting under Gregg Hildebrant and drawing under Ben Ruiz. He graduated from the Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, NJ. He furthered his fine art education at the Art Students League, NY where he served as class monitor for the renowned artist Anthony Palumbo. Also class monitor for Ecorche taught by the legendary anatomist Frank Porcu. He studies painting privately with the master artist Wade Schuman.


"Jade Moede is a serious artist with fine technique and a sense of humor which is sometimes obvious and often subtle. His hidden punch line borders on surrealism. The events taking place or about to take place go beyond their picture frame. They intrigue and capture one’s imagination with the ability to give just enough. Jade’s point of view is very appealing."

Artist and Instructor at the Art Students League of NY

"The paintings of Jade Moede are engaging and enigmatic. His technical prowess is heightened by his ability to bring a unique perspective to otherwise ordinary subjects."

Author and member of the International Association of Art Critics



Jade Moede 508-838-4332